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alan sh wrote: Sun Jan 28, 2024 4:02 pm In my experience, an HEV gets better consumption because the electric motor supplements the engine so it (the engine) is always trying to work in its most economical mode. Also, the electric motor can take over and the engine stops. Braking also feeds the battery so that helps too (my wife brakes more than I do - and gets better fuel consumption, whereas I try and drive without using the brakes as I was taught).

So, yes, I get 41-45 mpg during the summer. In winter, it does go down because the battery really suffers when the temp is below 10c.

I'm getting 48 MPG in summer and 47 MPG in winter - I'm trying to get to 50 MPG but my driving style annoys my wife and all the drivers backed up behind me. Still.

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49 mpg brim to brim in my hybrid. Using eco mode not sport obviously
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