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Post by jpbfbm » Wed Jun 22, 2022 3:38 pm

What are the general views on delivery times for new vehicles? I ordered a Tucson N Line PlugIn back in mid Feb, today I've been told that delivery (which was first advised as late July/early August then slipped to early September) has now slipped to late October. I know these are uncertain and difficult times but can anyone offer some positive comments on delivery times?

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Post by Mar10 » Wed Jun 22, 2022 4:05 pm

From what I've seen on here, the lead times seem to be around 7 months from order to receiving the car. I picked mine up at the weekend, originally ordered late November by the dealer as a demo but I asked them if they had any already on order when I purchased in March. So my wait was only 3 months but the total order time was more like 7 months. The dealer told me that the situation isn't getting any better and if anything wait times are even longer now.

From what I've seen on here the wait for a PHEV does seem to be longer for whatever reason. There's always the occasional story of someone getting lucky and it turning up sooner but generally they seem to be at least 7 months despite some dealers initially promising sooner. I know the garage where I got mine said they now add 2 months onto whatever Hyundai initially projects as a delivery time, as it's more likely to be later rather than sooner. They'd rather a customer feel like it's turned up early than have to call them and say it'll be even longer!

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