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Post by Wychwood » Wed May 04, 2022 7:02 pm

As there are new people joining the forum all the time and some who may not have ordered yet, I thought I would share my experience of trying to find the best deal for the car and how this might affect how long I might have to wait for delivery. I purchased a 230 self charging hybrid auto in shimmering silver from Marshall’s Hyundai Worcester. I ordered it on 17 Jan 22 and took delivery on 31 March (just under 11 weeks); the dealership had the car on order from 1 Dec 2021. The price was £32950 ( against OTR of £38475) which included a £2500 deposit contribution from Hyundai (I cleared the finance one day after purchase - you have a legal right to do this within 14 days but you can clear the finance at any time of your choosing but the sooner the better to save on interest. Marshall’s Worcester are still advertising this same spec car for the same price on Autotrader and they still appear to be offering one of the best deals in UK. They predicted (obviously with no guarantee) that I would have the car by late March/early April and despite all the delivery issues shared by many on this forum they were spot on.
Autoebid is a company (like that offers varying discounts on new cars and its customers give it very good reviews. They are offering the car I bought for £32166 for outright purchase or £34731 on finance; you still get the car from a proper dealership with full manufacturer’s guarantee etc but they quote a delivery time of 26 weeks which is more than double the time I had to wait. No doubt there are other deals out there.

My conclusion is that it appears sensible in the current climate to find a dealership that already has the Tucson you want on order as that might save you a good few weeks in delivery time. It also might be worthwhile not to go automatically to your most local dealership (although I accept that that does have some advantages). There were 2 dealerships closer to me that the one In Worcester but they could not match or get close to their price and did not have the spec and colour I wanted already on order.

I fully recognise that my experience may no longer be realistic or might have been overtaken by events but it might still be helpful to some.

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