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Post by Al94 » Sat Apr 30, 2022 9:20 am

The USB port on my 7 month old Tucson Ultimate Hybrid has broken! I normally keep a very small stubby memory stick loaded with music in it as I did for 5 years in my previous Tucson. Probably have used the port more recently in attempts to get Android Auto running and once to upgrade the infotainment software a couple of weeks ago. Tried to connect the phone a couple of days ago and it didn't feel right and I then realised the white plastic part of the port was still inside the memory stick. Nothing will connect now. Car is booked into dealer this week, they have told me they will try a warranty claim but likely to be rejected as "user damage" I have been using cars laptops and desktops for decades and have never experienced a broken or malfunctioning port before. Fingers crossed !
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Post by Al94 » Wed May 04, 2022 5:02 pm

So, visited dealer today, cost to replace USB unit is £164.45 and won't be covered by warranty as it is broken by me according to them. Clearly the port is not fit for purpose as this should not happen with normal light usage and while they are going to try a claim at my insistence, I doubt it will be successful.
Was also advised air condition condensate hose needed replaced as a recall, these are on back order. Also NX4e 1,8 Gamma II Oil Leak - CVVD Actuator sealing was required, again a recall but no real explanation of what this was about. Careful with those USB ports folks! Perhaps permanently leaving something like this in the port would be a good idea
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Post by jerredb » Wed Jun 15, 2022 10:19 pm

Surely it should at least be fixed under warranty in the first 24 months like any other electronic product bought from a shop! I would even think this warrants a recall going by the amount of complaints about exactly that specific usb port ?!?!l!

I must have at least 30 USB ports under the same strain (regularly unplugging and plugging in cables) like chargers , mice, keyboards, USB memory dongles etc ...
To date I have never known one to break ?!?!

That left front USB port of my Hyundai broke within a week ! A piece of white plastic came out when I unplugged the cable and broke in 3 pieces !? ??? exposing a number of pins and that was it!
Apparently ( according to the dealership) it would be fixed under warranty if I would have kept the plastic bits ... but now it would be 170 quid to replace the whole unit ! :-D
So the difference between getting it fixed under warranty or paying 170 quid ... depends on a little bit of plastic worth no more that 5p ? What a joke!
They know it was an issue with the unit ... as the new unit and the port in the 2022 Tucson looks entirely different and has a metal surround/opening ... as do 99.99 % of all usb ports around the globe for a good reason !

I love my car and always swore by Asian cars as they are better made and they had pride and honour in admitting and fixing teething and manufacturing issues free or charge ... well ... (except for Mitsubishi who still do) ... their culture of honour is no more in my opinion ... or they're simply no longer involved in the aftersales policy over here ... which seems waaay more likely in RIP-OFF Britain ! Sad state of affairs! :-(

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Post by roadster » Thu Jun 16, 2022 8:27 am

Unfortunately they do break occasionally and its a fundamentally poor USB socket design because it is hard to see which way around the device should be inserted. USB C overcomes this because it doesn't matter which way you plug it in. I do agree that it should be fixed under warranty or at least as goodwill though. If dealers are not willing to help I would expect an independent electronics technician would be able to replace the socket more cheaply than the quoted figure. I have fixed usb connectors myself with the aid of a pin-out diagram and a soldering iron.
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Post by Al94 » Mon Jun 20, 2022 11:58 am

So, the saga continues. Its a 2 hour 100 mile round trip to my dealer. Car was booked in at 11.00 am this morning to have the USB port replaced. After 10 minutes, a sheepish looking service assistant approached and advised me that Hyundai had sent the wrong part! An ensuing robust conversation with the service manager resulted in him agreeing that it should be a warranty issue as it shouldn't break and he is going to take it up with Hyundai. In a worse case scenario he will discount the cost and there was an offer of sending someone to me to fit it in due course. Get the impression they are having a nightmare with Hyundai parts at the moment. Wasted morning and fuel! I have the broken plastic part jerredb referred to but the claim was still denied. I too am questioning whether a second Hyundai was the right choice.
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Post by old man » Mon Jun 20, 2022 1:51 pm

If a broken USB port is your only hiccup and you're questioning whether you should have stayed with Hyundai, then you likely won't fare any better elsewhere.
Components break and wear out on any make and good dealers are hard to come by, especially lately when there's a high staff turnover.
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Post by Al94 » Wed Jul 20, 2022 11:16 am

So another month later, no further on! For the second time the order received from Hyundai was the correct box showing the correct part number but containing the wrong part. A technical query has been raised as it's obvious there is a supply of incorrectly matched parts somewhere!
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