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Post by Yorkie » Tue Feb 22, 2022 5:38 pm


I thought I'd give my impressions/thoughts of my first two weeks of ownership. I'm not new to Hyundai, this is my fourth Hyundai 4x4. Having previously had a Mk1 & Mk3 Santa Fe & Mk1 Tucson. I've had very little reliability problems over the years and the few issues I've had were all fixed under warranty without any hassle.

I took delivery of a new 1.6 TGDi Plug-in Hybrid Ultimate 5dr 4WD Dark Knight Grey on 5th Feb. I wasn't initially after a PHEV but when I made the decision to buy there seemed to be few MHEV vehicles I could get at a price I was happy with. I decided to bite the bullet as the used car market was/is crackers. I managed to get the CTC down to £16k trading in my beloved Sanat Fe Endurance, which meant it had only depreciated just under £10k in 4 1/2 years of ownership.

I bought it from Motorline Worcester even though I live in Yorkshire. They were offering the best deal for me at the time. They were good from start to finish especially Sean the sales guy. He was only a young guy and perhaps hasn't picked up some of the less annoying charachteristics some sales people can have. Frustratingly after picking up the car I have been thinking of getting a dash cam fitted, only to find when researching online that Motorline had an offer on for fitting. :cry: I contacted my local dealer who stated they don't fit them so that's an ongoing project. I got the mats chucked in for free and have quickly realised that a boot tray and mud flaps are something I want to get fitted asap. I already have a few bits/fibres in the boot carpet from shopping bags, and debris up the side of the car from the wheels. I did purchase a cheap boot tray off Ebay but it really was poor quality so I've returned it and will likely get a genuine one. There does seem to be a shortage of accessories available. I'm guessing because it's a new model possibly.

The car itself iI'm happy with but I'm still learning. The drive is good and ride comfortable. The Eco mode keeps me from driving the car hard, I'm yet really to try the Sport mode for any length of time. I'm still observing and learning how the car moves between EV and petrol. One thing I have learned is that in winter to have the heater on until the car gets up to temperature it will run the petrol engine to generate the heat. I was surprised at this as I assumed the car would just work like an EV until the battery was empty. I'm hoping this won't be the case using the air con in summer and reading around it shouldn't be. I found that on the long run home from collecting the car once it had used up the battery and went into hybrid mode it was not dissimilar to how my Santa Fe cruised on the motorway which was pleasing given that was a 2.2 diesel. I also as others have found the auto wind screen function with the wipers can act crazy at times and are not the smoothest, which is a surprise as they were great on my SF. I'm still getting to grips with the settings but not a big fan of the media menu which doesn't auto default to my music on a USB stick. I have to select between that and the nature sounds or whatever it is. I need to see if I can disable it. There have also been a couple of times when I had pressed drive after reversing but yet when I went to move off I was still in reverse. I will continue to monitor to see if it's me or the car.

Charging, where do I start. I would advise anyone to check before buying if they are on a looped supply and what this means for them unless you only plan to ever use the granny charger. I am on a looped supply and initially it looked like I may have to have the drive dug up and my neighbours supply separated from mine. However I spoke to a guy at Northern Powergrid who came out to inspect and he was really helpful and has agreed to sign off a charge point being installed without the need to have the supply delooped if I had a certain type of charge point installed. I have ended up with an Hypervolt after initially choosing an Easee One. I get the feeling from what he said that if the neighbour however at some point gets an EV it will be less straightforward for them.

I'll continue to lurk on the forums and if anyone has any questions I will try my best to answer.
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Post by nickems » Tue Feb 22, 2022 7:17 pm


Snap !!
I took delivery of my Dark Knight Ultimate plug in around the same time as you.
I too am still learning and like you am a little disappointed that the Fully chrged EV does'nt kick in right away which is annoying for short journeys when I would expect to run on EV only. I'm hoping this will improve when the weather is warmer . I know from past experience of Hybrids they do not like the cold.
Also have you found a away to ensure the parking sensors are permanently set to ON ?, they seem to go off at inconvenient times
i have done around 1500 miles to date with an average mpg 0f 80 I would say 750 of those miles have been after the EV battery was depleted. Again I expect an improvement in due course
I've decided to stick with the steam driven charger on a three pin plug ,usually overnight and found it takes around 6 hours to fully charge . How have you found your fast charger to be ?
I'd be intested to keep in touch and compare notes on our fledgling relationship with Ultimate plug in . I fyou have any questions I may have found the answer already .

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Post by joolstdi » Tue Feb 22, 2022 7:26 pm

Hi we must be my twin??
I have the same model car and colour as you.

And I have also had the Hyper volt installed, mine is black.
I have been told This will take up to 2 hours to fully charge the car.
I was recommended this EV charger as it has a power management system built in.

EG if you are charging your car and your neighbour that you are looped to had the oven on and the power shower on
the hyper volt would automatically reduce the amps to the car and after the surg was gone it will go back up again.
This is a great safety system it means you or your neighbour would not blow any fuses.

I thought that my house was not looped but after they looked at the plans it was looped joined just in front of the drive.

Can you please keep us informed of anything that would benefit us as we are all waiting for our cars.
and could you please post some photos of your car.

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Updated Delivery to me if nothing goes wrong 3 June-10 June. :D :D :D :D

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Post by DrElectron » Wed Feb 23, 2022 8:34 am

Can you explain how the drive modes work on the phev?
I only managed to get a 15 minute test drive and the salesman wasn't present and asking afterwords he clearly didn't have a clue!
I'm sure there was auto, ev and hybrid or something ....

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Post by roadster » Wed Feb 23, 2022 9:11 am

Likewise a new owner myself. In the colder weather the trick to staying in EV ( even with the electric setting as opposed to the automatic or hybrid alternatives) is to keep the heater/air-conditioning off and use the heated seats and steering wheel to stay warm. Of course this is useless if you need defrost or demist.

Regarding charging I decided that charging from the normal 13 amp domestic socket was sufficient and given that the battery is never allowed to drop below about 15% I can get back to a fully charged state in 5 to 6 hours at a 10 amp rate. However I have fitted a semi-permanent and weather proof extension lead and also bought a longer ICCB cable for convenience of routing across my drive without tripping up the postman!

My chief niggle so far is that I can't set the Lane keep Assist to the warn only setting on a permanent basis. This means that I can only completely turn it off every time I start the car or put up with random tweaks of the steering wheel every time it misreads the road edges or white lines. I can't get to grips with the voice commands as yet and the tendency for a numeric pad to pop up on the centre screen while the car is in motion is ridiculously dangerous.
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Post by old man » Wed Feb 23, 2022 9:59 am

This means that I can only completely turn it off every time I start the car
All manufacturers seem to be going down the route of preventing us turning off "safety features" on a permanent basis. My last car from the VAG certainly did it.
How do you go about turning off your Lane Assist each time ?
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Post by ashm » Wed Feb 23, 2022 11:35 am

Yorkie wrote:
Tue Feb 22, 2022 5:38 pm
I bought it from Motorline Worcester even though I live in Yorkshire.
I've ordered mine from the same dealer, even though I live in London as they had the spec and colour I wanted on order. Were they good in the end overall? They did set my expectations at the beginning that there could be delays. But they did tell me they had on order late October, even though Hyundai supply are telling me the order was from mid December. And also from my latest update from them was that they seem to be confident it will be on the boat early/mid March, even though afterwards Hyundai supply are telling me there is no production month set for my car. So wondering how trustworthy they are?
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Post by Yorkie » Wed Feb 23, 2022 1:44 pm

Thanks for the replies guys, here are the requested photos. In response to the comments and questions.

Nick - I found the 3 pin charger was painfully slow for me, it would take several hours to charge 20%. Perhaps I hadn't set it up correct as I just plugged it in. The Hypervolt charge point I have used twice taking around 15 minutes to charge from 80% to full and 35 minutes from around 65%. I've not noticed the parking sensors randomly switching off on mine, so not looked into whether they can be set to permanently on. I've only done around 200 miles and I'm currently up to 40mpg, however it was down around 18mpg when I picked it up and has steadily risen since. I'm happy to share notes, just PM me whenever.

DrElectron - As far as I am aware there is only Eco & Sport mode which are selected by a switch/toggle in the centre console. I believe it defaults to Eco each time the car is started.

Roadster - I just turn the LKA off as I don't like using it on anything other than the motorway. I find it inconvenient it defaults to 'on' each journey and is different to my Santa Fe's lane alert system (I forget it's official name) which remembered if it had been switched off.

Old Man - You have to press and hold the LKA button on the steering wheel until the light goes off on the display.

Ashm - It's difficult to say whether I'd trust them as I tend to be sceptical on most organisations, even the one I work for. However I had very few issues with them. The only slight issue I had was I think the sales manager tried to renege on the inclusion of the mats that had been agreed at the time of sale but he backed down when I stood firm and insisted that it had been agreed. I can't comment on the lead times as I had an unusual experience in that the day before ordering I was advised i'd missed out on an in stock car exactly the same spec and colour that they had advertised. They quoted me the end of March/April for delivery. However 10 days later they emailed to say it had arrived early. Only they will know if it arrived early or whether someone had cancelled an order, or if it was the one they said had just been sold. Either way I wasn't in a rush and they had to wait 3 weeks to register it as I was just about to go away on holiday when they said it arrived and didn't have time to collect it.


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20220223_122146 blank reg plate.jpg


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Post by old man » Wed Feb 23, 2022 2:08 pm

You have to press and hold the LKA button on the steering wheel until the light goes off on the display.
Thankyou, I've only had my car since last Saturday and have so far turned it off in the infotainment unit.
I've been slowly making my way through the manual and I saw it could be turned off on the steering, but wasn't sure I'd read it correctly and I haven't had the opportunity to try it yet,
Just pressing the steering wheel button for a few secs is much easier than going into the info screen and no real hardship once used to it.
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Post by Wychwood » Wed Feb 23, 2022 4:51 pm

Thank you yorkie for sharing your early thoughts and initial insights - very helpful. I also ordered from Hyundai Worcester (now owned by Marshall) - a 230 HEV ultimate. They are relatively local to me and offered a better price than two nearer dealerships. I subsequently discovered that Autoebid were significantly cheaper but estimated a 27 week wait from initial order. It remains to be seen whether Marshall Worcester will prove to be quicker. I ordered in mid Jan and have a copy of my order (with 101 number and 3 red asterisks - dealer order 1/12/21, production completion 8/3/22, and shipping 10/3/22. The dealership delivery is estimated for 4/4/22). No surprise that they cannot guarantee any dates but they have told me up to now their deliveries have been within a week or two of those estimated. However, appreciate that many on this forum have had all sorts of issues with delivery so will await developments with as much patience as I can - problem for me is I have sold my car to benefit from current high second hand values and now relying on my wife’s 2 seater - a real challenge to get the golf clubs in that!

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