Hyundai dealer problems

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Hyundai dealer problems

Post by Goldenbear » Fri Nov 27, 2020 5:53 pm

Tucson developed noise when changing gear .being a mechanic for over 40 years I diagnosed gearbox took car in they could not pinpoint noise after 4 days they rang to say car stripped down and noise is clutch .cost £1030 not under warranty .
After arguing and inspecting clutch I told them the clutch was in good condition and was not cause of noise they can fit new clutch but if noise is still there I’m not paying .
They rang today new clutch in car but noise still there they will remove gearbox for inspection . They can leave new clutch in car and only charge me for the parts .my reply to that put my old clutch back 8n as I’m not paying anything it’s under warranty .
What a bunch of crooks if it had been ordinary punter they would be £1000 out of pocket .

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Re: Hyundai dealer problems

Post by bryanellis40 » Mon Mar 15, 2021 6:53 pm

I got stung for a clutch kit after having sudden clutch failure. Dealer classed it as wear and tear and charged me £1200 for the privelage. After an independant inspection, i kept the parts, the clutch hub had sheared and classed as a defective clutch. Hyundai dont want to know, nor does the dealer.
Warranty is a con.

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