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Post by TusconH16 » Thu Apr 14, 2022 11:17 am

I have a 2016 Hyundai Tucson 1.7 Diesel - manual gearbox. I recently had a clutch replaced at about 57k miles (I've never had to have a clutch replaced in a car previously - my driving style is very conservative!) and since then, I have been having some issues. I have taken it back twice to the garage who say the car is fine. Basically when I slow down and downshift the rpm increases, sometimes a little bit and sometimes well past 2000 and I have to wait for it to come back down before changing gear. I have noticed it is mostly from 5th gear, slowing down and then clutch in at 30 (about 1000 rpm) the rpm shoots up instead of dropping (idle is around 800). It also feels like the car is pulling me along with the clutch in, instead of slowing when this happens which isn't ideal at junctions / roundabouts. But the garage is adamant that its supposed to do this. I read in another forum for Kia that this is the anti-stall software but my car didn't used to do this before the clutch was changed I'm sure. Also, is it not unusual that the car thinks its going to stall just from changing speed from 50 to 30? Also just to clarify I'm definitely not pressing the accelerator by accident, 100% without a doubt. I've been driving 15 years, petrol and diesel cars, and do around 25k miles per year for work and have never experienced this before. If anyone can explain it to me that its normal or if I should be pressing the garage to do a software update perhaps?

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Was it a Hyundai dealer that did the work ? If so, I'd try another dealer.
If it wasn't a Hyundai dealer, then take the car to one and see if they can sort it out, although if it was a non franchised dealer you used, a franchised dealer may not touch it.
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