Tuscon N-Line fuel issue

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Post by topper » Thu Jan 06, 2022 8:17 am

Anyone had any similar experience? I have had my Tuscon since new 2019/2020. It is a petrol N Line version. Now 10,000mls. Car has run great from purchase but when the new E10 fuel was brought out I noticed 2 things.. the car started to "stutter" when accelerating hard( never did that before) and the on board MPG guide dropped from mid 30s mpg tp into the 20sMpg.I kept using the E10 for a few tanks and the issues repeated. Two weeks ago I tried the Shell higher grade E5 and my car has returned to what it was before ...acceleration great and MPG back to previoius level on the on board guide ( may even be slightly higher) Asking Hyundai all I get so far is that they have never experienced this in any other car.
I will revisit my dealer but before doing that just wondered if anyone had this experience.

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Post by gromt » Thu Jan 06, 2022 10:48 am

Had the same/similar issue for over a year. Hard acceleration, often between 20 and 30mph in 3rd, the car judders/stutters. Its happened once or twice in higher gears but only when accelerating at more than a 'gentle' way - frustrating as I would have bought a slower vehicle if I just slowly accelerated all the time! I took the car to the garage and they tested and didn't note anything wrong. It seemed to go away in the summer but then when the colder weather came back in, it occurred again. Even worse this time, and then the exhaust system warning light illuminated on the dash. I reviewed the manual and it advised driving at 50mph + for about 30 minutes. The next day I took it out and the light went off and the judder issue appears to have stopped...for now. This may help your issue, but again its frustrating having to drive for half an hour every month or so, on a pointless journey just to stop your car stuttering. I've only got my Tucson N-line to about 27mpg on average (7000 miles), 70 plate so its certainly not economical or environmentally sound doing this!

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Post by xtrailman » Fri Jan 07, 2022 12:05 pm

Some owners of other makes have seen economy dive with the E10 but have found mixing with E5 helps, try a 50% and see if that helps.
Or investigate using additives in the fuel.

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